• Where Do You Take Sugar?

    A lot has been said about Cancer Research UK’s new campaign. The posters, seen across the UK in bus stops and high streets show what initially appears to…

  • April Fake News Day?

    As another April Fools’ Day passes, it’s interesting to see how brands conduct themselves in light of ‘fake news’. Of course, brands can be funny and make us…

  • NegativeComments_main

    Negative Comment Crisis Management

    Building a good reputation for your business can take years. However, a negative comment can make you feel that your company’s reputation has been threatened, all in the…

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    Marketing agencies

    Partners for growth or charlatans? Two recent meetings with prospective clients have left me heartbroken about the state of my profession’s reputation – I never had these problems…

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    Get a foot in the door – why Farrow and Ball got it so right!

    There are certain components that make up a successful content marketing campaign and Farrow and Ball seem to have all the bases covered. Great Outdoors is a multiplatform operation – drawing on all of the company’s strengths and executing them to the highest standard.