Growing your email database should be an essential part of your marketing plan. Having a database full of your customers and potential customers gives you the opportunity to connect with them personally as well as advertise new products, sales and exciting events! I have rounded up some top tips on the best ways to gather contacts to add to your list.

  • Paper sign up forms
    Great at events or in store – ask customers to complete a paper version of your signup form and input them manually into your database. Or, go digital with an iPad!
  • Competitions
    As part of your competition – ask customers to opt-in to your newsletter to be in with a chance of winning the prize.
  • Sign up from Facebook
    Add a signup button to your profile to encourage page visitors to sign up.
  • Opt in at checkout
    Add a button to your checkout/payment page that customers can tick to opt-in. You must only sign up customers who tick this box.
  • Pop up
    If a customer visits your website it means they have an interest in your brand. Give them the opportunity to sign up to your list with a pop-up or registration bar.
  • Events
    Print cards for trade shows and events or take your iPad with you for customers to fill in their email addresses.
  • Refer a friend
    Ask your current subscribers to refer a friend – if their friend signs up, offer the customer a 10% discount code.
  • Social media
    Easy to do and completely free! Give your followers an incentive to sign up to your newsletter – discount codes, sneak peeks, sample sales.
  • Take the opportunity to refresh your email
    Think about why people didn’t choose to re-subscribe to your emails after the new regulations were brought in by GDPR – is it time for a refresh? Think about your target audience but keep in mind the demographics of customers on your existing database.
  • Give special access
    Make your customers feel like they are in the know about something exclusive. Offer subscribers something only they can get.


P.s. remember to always be GDPR compliant!