We work with a number of food and foodservice clients at the fabl. There are certain rules that the industry sticks to. Food has to look amazing. It has to look fresh. It has to make you want to eat it.

Burger King has just broken all the rules. Its new, beautifully shot campaign boldly shows one of its Whoppers covered in mould with the line, ‘The beauty of no artificial preservatives’.
The timelapse video shows a month passing by, the mould rapidly growing and enveloping a once succulent burger into a rancid Whopper.


The implication is that Burger King’s rival, McDonald’s uses preservatives in its food. Back in 2015, videos were circulating on the internet of a McDonald’s burger and fries with no mould or disintegration after six whopping years.

This could be where the Burger King execution falls down. Does it need a side by side with McDonalds to really work? Or would the image of an unsullied Big Mac make you want to dive into McDonalds instead?

Either way, we’re off for fish and chips.