Strategic Power Hour Consultations

Do you want to connect with new customers? 

Would you like new ideas on how to make your business stand-out from the competition? 

Are you effectively communicating what you offer to the right audience? 

Are you in the best position to do business in the current financial climate?

If any of these questions are keeping you awake at night, you need a strategic Power Hour with Mags Walker, the founder and Managing Director of the fabl.

A laser-focused, strategic Power Hour is a great way to gain clarity and direction. In a fabl 1:1 consultation we focus on an aspect of marketing your business that you’re finding challenging. Our aim is to make it as successful as possible for you.

What are the fabl Power Hour sessions about?

Mags has a background in big four accountancy and years of subsequent marketing experience in strategy, branding and communications. You can bring any marketing topic to the table and Mags will give you straightforward advice and leave you with tangible actions. 

We’ve launched our new Power Hours because in the current economic climate, we’ve been approached by many businesses who realise they need to maximise their marketing but don’t necessarily have dedicated full-time marketing budgets.

A Power Hour is a really cost effective way to get the benefits of a professional without the ongoing resources required for an in-house marketing team. You can jump into a power hour during the times you need it most. Whether you’re a start-up or more established, you can benefit from Mags’ professional expertise on tap.

You may need some advice on a creative way to promote your business, how to use a specific marketing or social media channel or tool or need some expert advice on your branding or marketing strategy. A power hour is a great way to get professional and timely input from an expert.

From our little corner on the Broughton Hall Business Estate, we’re a boutique agency with bags of experience and big ideas. We love a challenge. We love meeting new businesses and working together. 

Who is a Power Hour for?

Are you a young business looking for a brand refresh? An entrepreneur with a bright idea? A more established organisation with a concept that needs better definition? A small business owner or big corporate launching a new range? A strategic marketing power hour is for you if:

*You run your own business or have been operating less than 3 years

*You need guidance on a specific problem or issue with your marketing

*You don’t have a marketing team but would appreciate professional advice from an experienced marketing director

What can your Power Hour with Mags be about?

It’s your time, so anything you like. This is your opportunity to get guidance on any specific marketing or branding issue you have. 

According to Adrienne Herbert, author of the book and host of the podcast Power Hour, her advice is to “Use the power hour to do something that’s intentional – it can be anything you want, something that you don’t usually have time for or something that will set you up for the rest of the day.”

But whatever time of day you schedule a fabl strategic Power Hour, the key is to use the time to make progress on something that is important to you. At the fabl, we tell our clients there are the 3 steps to a successful Power Hour: 

(1) Eliminate all distractions by turning off notifications and blocking your calendar 

(2) Set your mind ready to focus 

(3) Pick just one topic to focus on

What do I need to prepare?

Before the Power Hour, the fabl will send you a short questionnaire to get an understanding of your issues. You’ll likely be the business-owner and decision maker at your business so will have a good understanding of your business and the challenge you’re facing.

When and where will the Power Hour be held?

We’ll either meet online (with a recording for you to keep and refer back to) or in person, at our office on the Broughton Hall Business Estate, near Skipton.

How much is the Power Hour?

A one-hour Power Hour is £250 plus VAT and if you’d like ongoing support, additional paid-for hours at this rate are always an option going forward. Alternatively you may want to work with us on a larger scale, in which case we’d work out a bespoke package to meet your business needs.

What can a Power Hour lead to?

There are any number of possibilities, but as an example, take a look at this case study from something we worked on at the end of 2022, ready to launch in January 2023. You can find this listed on Our Work.

How to book?

We only have space for a limited number of Power Hours each month, so book early to reserve yours. 

Send us an email to with the subject Power Hour. 

When you’re ready to power-up, we look forward to hearing from you!