Pinatas, mocktails and blinis – decisions, decisions.

We are in the process of planning our The fabl launch party for misery Monday (23rd January) and we’ve all been asking, ‘what makes the perfect party?’ We want to get it right and are sure we will throw a great party, but what makes the perfect party?!

Decorations? To many people a few balloons will suffice but here at The fabl we have to get it looking just right. Balloons, yes, but make sure they are the correct metallic pearlised shade of green and, talking of colour, add to that feature walls in tango orange and purple and we’re nearly there. Oh, and don’t forget our new pets – the ultimate party props in the form of our family of MAGIS puppy dogs –very stylish. Yes, we’re getting there!

Food? As a bunch of foodies we had to get the best and are looking forward to our canapé selection from one of Yorkshire’s leading caterers. Mini Yorkshire pudding with rare roast beef and blinis with smoked salmon, cream cheese and caviar..mmm..yes please. So far, so good.

Drink? Goes without saying – the very best prosecco and vino please. Sounds good.. don’t forget those who are driving – a The fabl mocktail please. What’s that?…you’ll have to wait and see!

Entertainment? As it’s misery Monday we need some fun. We’re trying to recall a time when we had no worries – a time in our youth so a children’s themed party is ideal. Anyone for pin the tail on the donkey or pass the parcel?

We’re nearly there we say – but no, we’ve forgotten the most important thing: you! Our guests, colleagues, clients, friends and suppliers. You are the people who will really make the perfect party. You are what the The fabl is all about and you will make it the perfect party! We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd , 4-6pm.

We shall be taking lots of photos and posting them here for you to see, so I think the answer to the original question is a resounding yes – a party is most definitely content!