I was talking to a friend the other day and true to form with my friends, he was making pledges to get fit, eat healthier and address his work life balance in 2012. Now with this guy, I think he will achieve all of these – he is that way inclined, but I know all my friends will be saying the same thing, and most will fall at the first hurdle of a bacon sandwich, or that bottle of Chablis on a Friday evening – me included!

It really hit a note with me as I know I have will power, I know its OK to fail new years resolutions but I also know that the reason I made them in the first place was because I thought they were a good idea.

And so it is with many companies and their websites and the website content. They know they are a good idea to have. They go to the trouble of building them and in the first flushes of owning them, they add great website content and run around making them the best they could be – a bit like me in my new year fitness regime.

But then, slowly at first, things start to slip. The momentum stops, the enthusiasm wanes and the whole idea takes a back seat to other work pressures and unforeseen events that simply won’t be ignored. And so it is the death of the New Year new you resolutions. And the death of the engaging, insightful website content. Of course we have paid our 12 months subscription to the gym. Of course we have paid for our website to be built. of course we know the answer is to persevere, and of course… we don’t.

Ironically as I provide content for clients websites for the whole 12 months and not just the two months after the resolution is made, I am able to stand up to my friend and accept that whilst he may be of a more athletic stance than I, that I’m not a quitter and I have the staying power to keep a resolution alive.

Right, now that is written, I’m off to squeeze into some spandex and throw a few star jumps, but not until after Coronation Street is finished … and then maybe Spooks…