It has been an exciting month in the office, with new starts, client wins and news coverage. It seems as if the fabl has taken off into the stratosphere, and the well-oiled machine is gearing up to create some truly amazing content.

This week in particular has been a good one, and it’s only Monday! Karen Bailey Mediation has chosen the fabl to create its logo as well as its online persona. Tomorrow we’re shooting an all-important video for the new, and if I do say so, incredibly stylish website we’re creating.

Karen came to the the fabl in search of an online identity, and will soon be delivered an all singing, all-dancing site, with bells, knobs and whistles included.

Martin, head of Digital here at the fabl, has been slaving away to create the perfect logo and has finalised the website look, using his magical UX skills. Hazel, Online PR and Social Media whiz kid, has created a number of social media platforms for the company, from which a mediation message can spread with viral intensity through the web. Julie, our resident PR expert, has carefully crafted the copy, with the type of intuitive knowledge of the industry that only she can master. All in all a website and identity that is created with passion and knowledge.

I have a feeling next week will be as good, if not better than this. Keep tuned; we have some exiting news to come.