Last Friday night was spent with friends in Leeds. Lots of questions about how I was getting on and what I had been doing at the fabl. Needless to say my blog became the main topic of conversation and before I knew it friends were tweeting left right and centre.

Encouraged by their reaction I shared the blog with other friends via Facebook. Otherwise, a fairly quiet weekend recovering.

Monday – new week, new blog

Monday morning and David beat me to the office – but only just. The new “go faster” slick waxed-head haircut that he was sporting must have helped him in his promptness. Fire test done, coffees made and then the weekend results for tweets and blog views were looked at…. and here they are:

Miles 128 views

David 26 views

Rebecca 24 views

As you can imagine I was delighted by the number of views my blog had received and also by the amount of people that liked it. David wasn’t so happy. A self proclaimed expert blogger, David hadn’t received anywhere near as much attention to any of his blogs. Deep depression for him….but it’s tough getting old!

The Monday meeting and all my previous weeks’ tasks came together with all my work being compiled and delivered to the team. The previous team meeting (as I explained in my last blog) was manic for me.

This week however, I understood what was being discussed – content creation, web development and social media – you name it, I understood every word (I think). I even managed to keep up with noting down key deadlines amongst other important information.

After the meeting I joined the sales department and started doing some research into new clients for them.

Part way through this, I peered across the office and noticed that Hazel looked rather different! It turned out she had dyed her hair and had a new outfit on, having finally unpacked after her move from Edinburgh. The question I ask is, how big was her suitcase if she has been unpacking it all of last week!?

Tuesday – the sales department

Tuesday and a beautiful day! The sun was shining on the frosty fields making them twinkle and the beautiful surroundings looked even more idyllic. A hare wandered past the window and pheasants could be heard in the car park.

Rebecca arrived with a sunny smile lifting my mood even further.

The rest of the team arrived shortly after and soon heads were down – it was going to be a very busy day.

I spent the majority of my time working alongside David and one other – our very own “he who must not be named”. We analysed the companies I had found through my research and spent time looking at their current marketing activity, and our relevance to them.

The rest of the day was spent sorting these companies into categories and in discussions with other members of the team to draw together everyone’s knowledge about each of the different firms.

Wednesday – Bad news!

Waking up this morning was awful. I literally had to roll out of bed as all my muscles were sore from last night’s cricket nets! To add to my woes it was pouring down with rain when I went out to my car and as I have mentioned before I hate the rain!

Anyway, after arriving in the office bright and early, at the same time as David, I checked my emails. Turns out my LinkedIn account that I set up yesterday had proved quite a success with me finding at least a dozen new connections.

Hazel arrived shortly after us, and we all got down to work. I had numerous tasks to do so I put my head down and ploughed through, giving me some more time to work on this blog.

The office today was eerily quiet with only four of us in – David, Julie, Hazel and myself, with Mags at a conference and the others with clients.

This afternoon we had some bad news about a project we’d been working on. This put a massive damper on everyone due to the hard work that had been put into it – some of the team have been working preparing it for a long time. I wish there was something I could do!

The bad news came at the end of the afternoon and it was soon time to go home and sleep on it.

Tomorrow however is a new day and hopefully full of new ideas.

Thursday – back to the drawing board

Another summery day! A glimpse of spring arriving.

After yesterday’s bad news I thought today everyone would be a bit under the weather and would be shuffling in with their tails between their legs. However, everyone came bouncing into the office with fresh ideas. David brought a tin of chocolate brownies, which Rebecca our office ‘yummy mummy’, soon dealt with.

A meeting followed and quickly turned out to be very productive with many new leads being discussed, along with new ideas.

During the morning I spent my time researching a new massive client and had soon gathered a lot of interesting information on the new prospect – good start to the day!

Then more feedback from the client who’d said no yesterday – seems that no isn’t necessarily no…it could even be a yes. All very confusing for a virgin like me!

Just before lunch, David announced his interest in buying an iPad. Shocked by David’s knowledge of such a device the office questioned his proposed personal modernisation! After discussing the possible purchase of the new apple I pad and David discovering he can actually receive emails on his phone, he started surfing the web for one. Turns out there may well be a glimpse of hope for the ‘old fart’.

The afternoon proved to be a busy one with me back working in the sales department. An area of the business that I have been thoroughly enjoying. I was learning the various techniques and approaches to adopt, along with the dos and don’ts of sales, when “The Big News” came in! – turns out, one particular reader of my first blog liked it so much they published it in a review site on content marketing. So whoever you are, I thank you and encourage you to do the same with this one.

A good end to the day and definitely a well-deserved pint at the local with the team was in order.

Friday – busy! Very mixed week

Last night the The fabl team went for a drink after work at the local pub, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, I had to run off early to see my parents, who had just returned from a two-week holiday. No more peace and quiet for me.

Today I woke up to a dull dreary day. Hopefully not something that the rest of the day will reflect.

I arrived at the office at my normal time and David had beaten me in for the second time this week!

Today, I had a new interesting project to get on with. This was researching all the different types of social media with the aim of doing a presentation to the rest of the team in the Monday morning meeting. I found some very interesting facts and figures out and I am sure that the rest of the The fabl team will concur come Monday.

So it’s Friday and that means its deadline day for this, my second blog – it will inevitably involve spending what seems like a lifetime reading and re-reading what I have written looking for spelling and punctuation errors. No doubt there will be something I have missed, so I apologise.

Overall an even better week than last! I feel I am improving leaps and bounds . . . but am I!?… Read David and Nick’s blog “how to corrupt a content marketing virgin” – coming soon, to a screen near you!