Social media marketing will always be questioned. Is it really worth it? Does it work? Is it important? Well, we say YES! Social media does work, it is worth it and it should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Every 60 seconds an incredible 2.4 million snapchats, 481,000 tweets and 25,000 GIFs are sent. 174,000 thumbs scroll through Instagram feeds and 973,000 people log in to Facebook.

According to a study, people will spend more than five years of their lives on social media. That’s it, that’s all we need to say. Come on Bob from finance, five years of your life! We’d say it’s about time you listened to your marketers and invested in your company’s social media marketing.

Yes, social media is used by consumers to stalk their celeb crushes, idolise their icons, chat with their loved ones and watch makeup tutorials – (we’re all guilty). BUT, it is also used as a method of engagement and communication – not just to each other, but to businesses. Reviews, comments, likes, shares and retweets are all examples of engagement – communications exchanged between a consumer and a business.

Now, where do we come in? The fabl is a marketing agency, not just any basic, boring marketing agency, we are the creme de la creme of marketing agencies. We have a team of skilled and qualified individuals, passionate, creative, that are equal to the best in the world. However, you already know all of this because you’ve researched us, ploughed through our website, and well, here you are, reading this blog.

The fabl team are StorygellersTM – experts at finding your story and making it stick. We have our own digital agency – Fabl Digital, which brings a new take on digital marketing and social media, helping you to cut through the chatter in today’s world. We offer four packages to suit each individual: Social Media Management, Influencer Outreach, Online Experience & Website Design, and finally, Email and Content Marketing Services.

Don’t worry Bob, we know you’re starting to sweat as you begin to think about budgets, expenses and everything else. We have it covered. We offer one-off paid services and workshops helping you to achieve your goals. We’ve worked with clients from a range of industry backgrounds and audiences – we know what we’re doing. From Michelin-starred chefs, to retail market leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Anyway enough about us, it’s time to hear from you, your dreams, your ideas. Drop us an email or give us a call. Together, maybe we CAN take over the world!

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