…but radio offers a welcome retreat for our shy 80’s girl.  The mind ‘Buggles’ as to why they invited her on, possibly something to do with why there are so many donkeys without hind legs out there.

You won’t have to listen to Mags undiluted as thankfully the BBC saw fit to invite some company along to join her on Sally Naden’s weekday show. On the show Sally and her guests chat about themselves and business and play a few tunes, let’s hope they don’t let Mags choose the music, we’re all sick of “The Best of Glee 25”!

To find out more about who else is on the show Mags being Mags confessed to a little internet stalking of her fellow guests, though she stopped short of ‘friending’ them on facebook – for now at least.

So first up we have Dominic Harrison who is the Executive Director of Public Health for Blackburn & Darwen NHS Trust. It’s not often you get to rub shoulders with someone who has played a major part in developing Public Health systems all over Europe on behalf of the World Health Organisation, let’s hope that Mags  doesn’t start complaining about her prescription charges!

Alongside Dominic will be Andrew Jones, Managing Director of xel Training & Development. Also well travelled Andrew has been a Sales Manager in North and Central America, Europe and South East Asia and now is passing on his considerable expertise to the North-West’s future salesmen and saleswomen.

Mags rarely gets beyond France nowadays but she had her own time in the sun with PWC in Abu Dhabi, as the first, and rumour has it, last female auditor in that office. Was it something she said?

With such a well travelled bunch can they keep the conversation relevant to the Lancashire audience?

Only one way to find out listen in on Monday 23rd at 11am, let’s hope she manages to talk about content marketing at some point and doesn’t start singing along on air.