There are certain campaigns that catch your eye – and Farrow and Ball’s Great Outdoors campaign is certainly one to watch.

There are certain components that make up a successful content marketing campaign and Farrow and Ball seem to have all the bases covered. Great Outdoors is a multiplatform operation – drawing on all of the company’s strengths and executing them to the highest standard.

The challenge: To find the world’s most beautifully painted exterior door. With over £5,000 worth of prizes – the winning entry receives £1,000 in Farrow and Ball vouchers – the call to action certainly has the pulling power. It also creates user generated content, which will no doubt be seeded onto a number of different platforms – in order to get friends to vote for entries. Quite simply, they are on to a winner – in more than one way.

This brand knows their audience. They have inspired customers to engage with the company’s products, to partake and respond to the challenge. If you haven’t already seen the video, or the competition, then it is certainly worth a look. As the voting begins and we get a unique look at the outside of Farrow and Ball fans’ doors. And by engaging their audience, they have encouraged people unfamiliar with the brand to take up their paintbrushes for the chance to win. With that first stroke they will probably win over those customers, and inevitably open the door to their other products – wallpapers, paints and brushes.

This campaign should also stand the test of time. As people around the world take to the net for answers, their tutorial on painting your front door will stand as an instructional video for years to come. Having already had 12,190 on YouTube I can only see that growing over the next few months, as people take up their brushes to spruce up the outside of their home.

Not only does this campaign play to Farrow and Ball’s strengths, it also introduces new customers into the mix. The brand has managed to use the video to portray the door as the entrance of the home – as something that should be loved and maintained. An easy task you say, but in fact they have timed the launch of the campaign perfectly. Positioned it at the best possible moment – when people want to get outdoors and tend to the garden, and inevitably – the outside of their homes.