Prime Minister Theresa May has used the word ‘Simples’ in the House of Commons.

The phrase is the long-standing slogan from Compare The Market’s famous Meerkats campaign and it has caused quite a stir in the press. But it needn’t have ended there.

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn could have chipped in and told her to ‘Have A Break, Have A Kit Kat.’ The familiar cry of ‘hear, hear’ ringing around the chamber, replaced with a rousing ‘Just Do It’. Who knows, as Theresa May approaches Brussels for the next round of Brexit re-negotiations, her opening gambit could be, ‘I Feel Like Chicken Tonight’ to Juncker. Whatever happens – and whether you agree that such populist language should be used in the Commons – you can’t deny that Compare The Market will be high-fiving this morning at the levels of brand awareness. We’re Lovin’ It.

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