Feeling at home with digital.

Our whole life is about experiences. Many of them are good, some not so good. As we spend more time in digital spaces, it is more important than ever that these spaces have great UX.

What is UX?
You have probably heard of terms such as UX (user experience), UI (user interfaces) and IA (information architecture). Trust me, there are plenty more, but for people who are not familiar with digital jargon, and sometimes, for those who are, they can be confusing and often frustrating. These though are the backbone of creating digital spaces and experiences that are intuitive and pleasurable to use.

Understanding UX
The simplest way to understand what UX is, and to put its importance into perspective, is to imagine a visit to a shop. For the sake of the example, you’re going to buy some shoe laces.

When you walk through the door, there are numerous things that would negatively affect your experience. It could be an unclean surface, a cramped aisle or a confusing layout. The chances are you’re not going to find the shoe laces you were looking for, even if the perfect pair was somewhere within that shop. It is very unlikely that you will revisit or recommend this place to a friend.

The hypothetical shop next door on the other hand, is spotless from top to bottom. You are greeted at the door with a friendly hello and guided to the shoelace aisle where you have enough room to properly view the whole selection. Although this shop only sells purple laces, the experience was such a pleasure that you buy them anyway.

The dos and don’ts
With online shopping booming, and the ease of clicking back and selecting the next Google result, the importance of your website reflecting the second experience is critical.

A user should be instantly comfortable with your site. A hierarchy of content must be established, subtly directing a user. Navigation needs to be accessible, obvious and easy. Buttons must be unmissable, both visually and physically. One frustrated click, or a missed tab by a clumsy thumb could ruin the whole experience and lose the engagement.

That’s where we come in. We can build you digital environments that work – discreetly perfect experiences that allow your brand and content to take the spotlight.