In a pick-me frenzy, it’s all too easy to blind oneself to the talent, knowledge and experience of other potentially great team mates.

However, if 2014 is going to be the year that content marketing moves from being flavour of the month into a mainstream marketing discipline – a spot it should’ve occupied all along – then the best way to make that happen is by showing clients how well we play with all the other marketing disciplines.

In this we have a huge natural advantage. Content marketing has the capacity to work brilliantly with every other weapon in a client’s marketing arsenal. We are naturals at integrated marketing because we combine a strategic understanding of audiences with the ability to tell the ‘never-ending story’ without becoming dull.

In this multi-channel world, the requirement to have regularly updated content at every touchpoint whenever and wherever a customer chooses to interact is a never-ending headache for marketing directors. We can take some of the pain away. The unique combination of skills in a content marketing agency – fast-paced publishing disciplines underpinned by strategic marketing and great design/creative – generates on target and quality content. But we are not the miracle cure for every marketing challenge.

To get invited to the top table along with ad agencies, pr consultants and digital gurus, we must start to demonstrate that we understand the game and know how to play it. And we need to better cultivate our knowledge of and relationship with other disciplines and how we can work with them.

To achieve this, one of the fabl’s mantras for 2014 is R.E.S.P.E.C.T. At the fabl, we already work with some brilliant agencies and brilliant marketers across all disciplines on several accounts. It is a learning curve – we are learning from them and vice-versa. And we are happy to share the table with agencies who recognise and respect what content marketing has to offer.

Content marketers are in a powerful position. While there isn’t going to be a coup with CM ousting all other marketing disciplines, there’s no reason why a content marketing agency couldn’t be the lead creative agency when it comes to strategy and idea generation. But first we have to get picked for the team.