We’re delighted to launch the brand new Wellocks’ website this week. If you’ve not come across Wellocks before, it is a leading supplier of high quality, premium fresh ingredients to Michelin-starred chefs and leading kitchens across the foodservice industry.

Wellocks has a 32,000 sq ft purpose-built facility in Lancashire, with 12,000 sq ft of fridge space, a freezer capable of holding more than 200 pallets and a designated chef’s preparation area. The business employs 287 staff, and has a turnover of £32.8million.

At the heart of Wellocks’ business is finding the perfect ingredients for its customers. We’ve brought this concept to life in Wellocks’ new website which takes customers on product journeys – searching, discovering, testing and transporting produce from the very best producers around the world. It includes animations, illustrations, high quality imagery and mini-documentary style videos – and links seamlessly to Wellocks’ cutting-edge online ordering system.

Take a look: www.wellocks.co.uk