Monday was certainly a busy one here at the fabl. Mags entertained Lancashire in the morning via the airwaves. Big thumbs up for her debut – her appearance on BBC radio Lancashire went down a storm! A few hours later and it was party time… the fabl style!

In addition to raising over £250 for our charity, Whizz Kidz, we had great fun with our range of games. Huge congratulations to our winners: John Robinson of Farmhouse biscuits, you truly nailed the ping pong challenge and Mark Sandamas wiped the floor with pin the tail on the donkey. Phil Taylor of SilverCross was the lucky pass the parcel winner who not only won the designer the fabl green bird feeder but won a website user experience review worth £2,500.

So the planning paid off – great food, great drink and most of all, great people. Our mocktail is now well established as THE soft drink of choice and the canapé that everyone couldn’t get enough of was the roast beef in Yorkshire pudding with horseradish – truly delicious!

Thanks to all the staff who made the office look so great. Our ‘props’ looked fab – our MAGIS puppies reacted well to the newcomers: the Chinese dolls and fablbot the robot. The metallic balloons really set the scene and in true Chinese new year style, the fortune cookies were great additions.

There really was a fantastic buzz about the place – thanks to all who came and made it such a fun party.