If you know your Shakespeare, then you’ll know it’s Juliet who asks that question when she discovers her Romeo has the surname Montague, which automatically makes him an enemy of her family the Capulets. Wisely, she concludes that a rose “by any other name would smell just as sweet”.

Well, here at cucocrew, we’re coming up roses with a name change. We’re just as sweet, skilled and dedicated to helping you achieve the best for your business as ever but we have to hold our hands up and say we’ve been caught out in the name game.

There’s a company down south with the name of Cuco. We thought we were sufficiently different with the addition of “crew” to trade under the moniker. Like many businesses (and this is warning to you too as lots of businesses trademark product names but not necessarily themselves), we didn’t trademark/register the name and now our southern sort of namesakes, who recently did, have asked us via their solicitor to change our name.

As of September, we’ll therefore be the fabl – a name that is now trademarked and one which we thought particularly appropriate given that a fable is a story with a lesson and we’ve learnt a valuable one on naming names. Now you’ve read the tale behind our name change, you might want to join us and renowned Leeds law firm Walker Morris for a free workshop on Intellectual Property, which covers trademarking, and social media.

It’s going to be held in Leeds. We’re currently compiling a delegate list and if you’re interested, contact us now as places, which are sure to be sought after, will be limited. And in the meantime, remember that while stick and stones may break your bones, names can never hurt you unless that is, you choose one the same or similar to someone else’s!

Mags and the fabl team