In this world of instant communication, it’s interesting to see how much time and effort people put in to keep others away.

I’m not talking of hedges and high walls. Nor am I talking about commuters with the thousand yard stare and iPod earphones super glued to their ears.

I’m talking about keeping others away in business.

We’ve been doing an audit of the the fabl databases – we don’t want to send stuff to people who’ve disappeared to pastures new – nor do we want to miss people who want to keep in contact.

Mobile numbers change. E-mails get updated. Companies move. People move.

However, to actually check people’s details has revealed an astonishing number of barriers.

Switchboards that aren’t allowed to put you through to someone without a code word and signed letter from the Pope.

Websites where you can look for hours to find any semblance of a contact telephone number….but where you can follow them on Twitter, without a moment’s thought.

Mobile phone numbers where there is no message facility…and no response however or whenever you call.

It’s almost like people don’t want to hear from anyone other than their personal coterie of friends and existing business contacts.

So, take a bow those of you brave (and savvy) enough to place your teams contact details in the public domain – at the fabl we’re with you!

We LIKE engaging with people – new ones, old friends, competitors, allies.

And how much easier it is for everyone when you can look at a website or call a switchboard – find out exactly who you need to speak to – and make contact.

If we all did this, think of the time and money we’d save. One telephone call, not six. One email, not a scattergun to info@ or contact@ or even ourpetdog@, followed by a telephone call or calls……

Of course we’d all have to keep to the rules – but courtesy is an essential part of business and everyone needs to remember that.

Remember – “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you”.

Luke had something there!!