Ok, so we’ve sat the exam, faced an on-site visit and Mags has hobnobbed with the crème de la creme in the industry and….wait for it….we’re in. We’re delighted to announce that the The fabl has been accepted and is now a full member of the prestigious Content Marketing Association – the premier body for the content marketing industry including customer and member magazine publishing.

The CMA was founded in 1993 and is a group of agency professionals committed to establishing codes and standards of practice and expanding the boundaries of the content marketing industry.

The APA commissions vital research into content marketing, launches and develops high profile initiatives designed to educate business about the importance of content in all its forms and organises a number of industry awards showcasing its effectiveness. If you choose a member of the APA to help with your content marketing you know you will be in safe hands.

So apart from regular trips to the Capital (Mags leave your credit card at home) we cannot wait to start being an active participant in APA. Even more exciting for us is that the The fabl is the only member based in the North of England – something we plan to really build on.

We have found the acceptance process challenging and rewarding and meeting the CMA and its other members has been hugely interesting. It is great to meet others who share a passion and real excitement for content marketing and a positive concern for the future of this discipline. We like other members of the CMA, think the next few years are going to be exceptionally exciting as content marketing develops and people’s appreciation of its importance grows.