So said Winston Churchill and who are we to disagree?

Content strategy – sounds terribly serious but in reality it isn’t. Having a content strategy in place means you will produce relevant content in a timely manner. It will define your focus, audience and goals.

A solid content strategy is essential before you even think about producing any actual content – and that’s for any channel. Whether it’s a magazine, blog, website, podcast or leaflet, before you start  you should have a content strategy in place.

Content strategy makes sure your target audience is kept in mind from the start and that clear goals are set. Content objectives could include an increase in page views on your website, uptake of a particular offer, audience growth, or an increase in engagement and customer loyalty. To achieve your objectives, strategy needs to be considered which includes publishing frequency, topic emphasis, post type or the type of media used. In addition, when creating content, you should consider the quantity and quality of comments, discussions and feedback.

By having pre-set goals, you can ensure your content is focused, retains its point of difference and is kept up to date. One of worst things you can do is start regular communication in some form and then let it slip.

All too often, blogs are started and are not kept up to date. This gives out a bad impression. To prevent this, assign clear responsibilities and a timeline to ensure regular communication.

Content type is important – again keep your audience in mind. Whether you go for a blog, article or video, ensure your material is unique (to optimise SEO opportunities) and engaging. Your audience have to like what they see or read to look you up again.

As with any strategy, always review and reassess your content strategy. If you are finding it too hard to produce regular material you could always outsource : )