The Challenge

Finding the best seasonal produce from unique suppliers in the UK and overseas is the cornerstone of Wellocks’ business, earning it a solid niche in a competitive market. To achieve its ambitions of becoming the market leader in supplying fresh produce to the hospitality sector, Wellocks turned to the fabl in 2014 in order to help them tell their story.

The Solution

Our strategy was to take Wellocks’ approach to sourcing and delivering ‘perfect ingredients’ and turn it into an adventure. We created ‘The Search for the Perfect Ingredient’ positioning Wellocks as expert explorers and product pioneers – and inviting customers to share in the exciting journey of discovering a new product – be it a humble spud or spectacular strawberry.

To help the story stick, we created a new website for Wellocks illustrating the ‘search’ on the home page and showing the journey from field to fork – including miles travelled. Reflecting the high-quality and exclusivity of the products, the website includes beautifully crafted copy, animations, illustrations, eye-catching imagery, engaging content and videos of various searches. It also features a graphic of owner James Wellock catching a welberry – Wellocks’ logo – beneath a tree. Customers – including top chefs – also feature in videos cooking the ‘perfect ingredients’ delivered to their door fresh from the farm.

The ‘search’ strategy builds anticipation for new and seasonal products ahead of their arrival in the warehouse, increasing demand and desirability. It has also raised the premium perception of the Wellocks brand in the market and we have continued to develop this online and off to appeal to customers who demand high quality products and services.

The Wellocks tree logo – designed and illustrated by the fabl – now graces the side of dozens of Wellocks trucks – from compact Mercedes Sprinter vans to massive articulated lorries – making a powerful mobile brand statement on the move or parked outside top restaurants and hotels nationwide. We have created stunning packaging for Wellocks products increasing their desirability with chefs and providing lots of shelf appeal.

The ‘Search for the Perfect Ingredient’ is a brand story which has stuck – and literally branched out. In 2016, Wellocks launched a range of super exclusive products called Special Branch, The fabl designed the logo – an elegant titanium and black stylised version of the Wellocks’ tree – as well as a range of exclusive packaging for products from top producers around the world and Wellocks’ partners.

We continue to help Wellocks gel with its customer base on social media, through PR, direct and e-marketing. Most recently we supported the launch of its live stock online ordering system, a first in the foodservice industry.

wellocks Special Branch tree
wellocks Arbequina oil