Sally’s Pasta is a range of premium fresh pasta made by Sally Wellock, who has taken inspiration from family holidays to Italy. We needed to make the product appealing to time-poor professionals who want something delicious, quick and of high quality to cook for dinner – and can afford to pay for it.


As a high quality pasta with authentic Italian flavours – and the best ingredients – we found that the audience we needed to appeal to were time poor professionals who wanted something delicious and quick to prepare and eat, but doesn’t taste “processed”.

We needed to differentiate the product when on the shelf. To do this, we created new packaging for 18 flavours and varieties of Sally’s Pasta. For the stuffed pasta, we took new product photography, showing the beautiful pasta on fashionable slate serving plates. It was important that the new packaging conveyed the quality of the ingredients and preparation.

We used the copy to tell the story of Sally’s inspiration, and give the customer ideas for serving.