The challenge

Founded in the 19th century, Hensons has a long history as an expert catering butcher and wholesaler in London. More recently, Hensons had begun to carve a foothold in the premium casual dining sector.

This fast growing sector presented an opportunity that Hensons wanted to capitalise on – but how could it increase its visibility in London’s highly competitive wholesale market?

The solution

the fabl reviewed Hensons services and product range and discovered that its passion for quality food, its knowledge and connections were benefits that could be better communicated to customers.

A rebrand was proposed and the fabl created a strategy that focussed on the key message of quality and secondary messages of heritage and innovative services such as product development. A new tagline “We Love Good Food” was developed to support a new and more contemporary corporate identity. The vivid orange is both visible and memorable, and the traditional styling of the “H” evokes Hensons’ long heritage.

To better showcase its products and services, the fabl proposed that Hensons takes its key messages of quality and expertise into all customer communications. This integrated marketing strategy included online and offline resources – all sharing the same branding, messaging, design and production values, imagery, and tone of voice.

We commissioned a specialist food photographer to take beautiful shots of Hensons products, showing the quality of the food as well as demonstrating Hensons’ catering skills such as butchery. The photos feature artisan styling using thick wooden boards to focus attention on the product and their provenance.

This sympathetic style of photography supports the ‘We Love Good Food’ branding to better tell Hensons’ quality and heritage story.

The new branding was rolled-out in new liveries on delivery trucks, food packaging and cartons, business cards and stationery. A 20pp brochure was developed showcasing products and services using the new photography and a personal tone of voice. This luxurious brochure, printed on thick textured stock, set a new benchmark in the wholesale industry.

As well as the concept, the fabl provided design and copywriting for the brochure.