The challenge

Hensons was founded in 19th century London and has a long history as an expert catering butcher and wholesaler. Their Famous Salt Beef has long been the choice of top London salt beef bars such as Selfridges’ Brass Rail and the Brick Lane Beigel Bakery.

To introduce salt beef to new customers and expand Hensons’ market outside London, the fabl developed the Love Salt Beef strategy to tell the story of this niche deli product, how to buy, cook, serve and enjoy it.

The solution

We began by identifying the things that make Hensons salt beef special: perfectly selected cuts of brisket, a specially developed low salt cure that results in a succulent, delicious meat, eaten as it is or used in cooked recipes.

The artisan quality and history of the product helped us develop the core messages, targeting both B2B customers and foodie supporters of salt beef. Those who eat and serve salt beef are evangelical about the product and this provided the insight for creation of the Love Salt Beef strategy.

The new branding reflects the cult status of the product, and taps into the craft food trend, with a vintage feel and heart logo – with its roots in New York – another traditional home of salt beef with its famous delis.

To appeal to both target groups – consumers and retailers – the fabl recommended a one page Love Salt Beef website. The online format is easily updateable and is designed to carry content that appeals to several target audiences. The web design expanded on the vintage, artisan branding already developed for Love Salt Beef.

The site includes details on the history of salt beef, how to cook, buy and eat it, with new recipes and a listing of delis and restaurants around the country that serve salt beef and suppliers – including Hensons. The Love Salt Beef campaign recruited salt beef champions – and these ambassadors are also listed on the site. The fabl manages the content for the site, which is regularly updated with new recipes, ideas and supporters.

Social media was a good fit for the product and we created the @LoveSaltBeef Twitter feed to build an online community. We regularly have conversations with users about their favourite salt beef recipes. We also post links to recipes and images about how to use the product. The Twitter account is a key source for new ideas, recipes and trends for the website.

As well as online content, we designed paper carrier bags for take out salt beef dishes. They reflected the vintage inspiration that runs through the rest of the campaign.