Liz Smailes

Business Development, Tourism & Leisure

  • Key responsibility - New Business, tourism & leisure
  • Background - Tourism & Hospitality
  • Magic at - Lateral thinking and lots of languages
  • Favourite projects - Brave entrepreneurs who think big
  • Big Ambition - Expand the fabl offices into Europe and Asia

Liz brings more than 20 years experience working in tourism and hospitality across Asia, Europe and the UK. Having worked with Welcome to Yorkshire as well as multinational hotel groups, cruises and destinations around the world, Liz has an exceptional understanding of domestic and international tourism.

Liz’s experience is strengthened by a hospitality background and a career in brand development, marketing, business development, destination marketing and a hotel General Manager. She has worked on hotel brands from the ground up, refreshed hospitality, food and beverage concepts and developed overarching brand architecture to encompass complex sub-brand developments.

Fluent in German, and articulate in French, Italian and Thai, Liz is known for her jovial outlook on life and sense of adventure. For her, the glass is always half-full with a new full glass waiting in the wings. And thanks to her background, you can guarantee that it will be beautifully presented and ready to be served with a flourish!

Liz worked in Asia for 17 years before returning to her roots in Yorkshire to be closer to family. She joined the fabl at the beginning of 2022.

Fun facts, Liz has a Phd and her granddad Frank Smailes was a Yorkshire and England Cricketer.