Laura Badley

Designer & Artworker

  • Key responsibilities - Artworking and design
  • Background - Events, Marketing and Design
  • Most of the time is - Creating assets and content ideas
  • Big ambition - To never see Bradford or Huddersfield progress to the Premiership!

Creative, perceptive and curious

Laura joined the creative team at the fabl in February 2022 bringing her flair to all things artwork and design, with Mark and Richard.

A business graduate, her career started in the charity sector organising national conferences and online events before moving into the marketing world to focus on campaign management and content creation. Intrigued by design and the creative side of marketing, Laura studied graphic design and has been using her skills to benefit clients at the fabl ever since…

Laura enjoys all aspects of the creative process from ideating concepts to finessing designs. Her understanding of business and broader experience in marketing, coupled with her endlessly-creative eye means Laura’s design work delivers on every level.