Beyond the Blip

A new era of travelling, living and working post-pandemic.

At the fabl we see dynamic opportunities in the way our lives will adapt over the coming years. Business travel is restarting after a prolonged period of virtual meetings, conferences and events. Offices are reopening and finding new ways to integrate remote working. Consumer health concerns triggered a new wave of contactless commercial solutions.

We hear much about returning to a ‘new normal’, but in truth it’s a ‘new world’ that awaits. Analysing pandemic-induced influences to differentiate temporary trends from long-term course adjustments is an ongoing challenge. At the fabl we have identified three essential needs of travellers in a post-lockdown world – wholesome reunions, experiences and community – that will influence why, where and how people will travel.

  • Are you ready for the new world emerging out of lockdown?
  • At the fabl we’ve kept our fingers on the pulse and done the research so that our clients can navigate the changes.
  • With our strategic approach to marketing and brand development we can help you succeed beyond the pandemic blip.

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