• April Fake News Day?

    As another April Fools’ Day passes, it’s interesting to see how brands conduct themselves in light of ‘fake news’. Of course, brands can be funny and make us…

  • Brand Awareness? Every Little Helps

    Brand Awareness? Every Little Helps

    Prime Minister Theresa May has used the word ‘Simples’ in the House of Commons. The phrase is the long-standing slogan from Compare The Market’s famous Meerkats campaign and…

  • Wellocks website

    Launching Wellocks’ website

    We’re delighted to launch the brand new Wellocks’ website this week. If you’ve not come across Wellocks before, it is a leading supplier of high quality, premium fresh…

  • fabl fab five may - by thefabl

    the fabl’s fab five

    We all talk a lot about the principles behind content marketing. But there is nothing as inspiring as seeing great content – of any kind – in action….

  • Royal baby 'brand' wagon - by thefabl

    The Royal Baby ‘Brand’-Wagon

    It seems that as the country sat back and anticipated the birth of the royal baby, marketers were busy scribbling away to see just how they could link…

  • Like brands only not as good - by thefab

    Like brands only not as good

    Down with lazy lookalikes! Up with value products with a clear position and beautiful branding. This month I attended the inaugural foodservice marketing forum organised by Allegra Strategies….

  • Would you research a chip brand online? - by thefabl
  • fabl: What's in a name? -by thefabl

    fabl: What’s in a name?

    If you know your Shakespeare, then you’ll know it’s Juliet who asks that question when she discovers her Romeo has the surname Montague, which automatically makes him an…

  • The fabl blog

    The importance of branding

    This morning, our illustrious Managing Director Mags appeared on the airwaves to discuss the state of brands when compared with other tools used by consumers to make purchasing decisions. In a recessionary society, does brand loyalty still matter more, or even as much, as being able to secure the best deal?