• Royal baby 'brand' wagon - by thefabl

    The Royal Baby ‘Brand’-Wagon

    It seems that as the country sat back and anticipated the birth of the royal baby, marketers were busy scribbling away to see just how they could link…

  • 2012: the year nobody ate or slept - by thefabl
  • Like brands only not as good - by thefab

    Like brands only not as good

    Down with lazy lookalikes! Up with value products with a clear position and beautiful branding. This month I attended the inaugural foodservice marketing forum organised by Allegra Strategies….

  • Lies, damn lies - by thefabl

    Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

    100 per cent of adults in the UK are employed by ‘the fabl’, a world-leading Content Marketing Agency based in Yorkshire.* *According to a 2013 survey carried out…

  • Content, context, consistency and creativity - by thefabl

    Content, Context, Consistency and Creativity

    Fame at last! Mags’ musings on cross-platform content marketing solutions have been published in Marketing Week. It’s all about the four C’s of successful cross-platform marketing – content, context, consistency and creativity.

  • Today's Group partners Take Stock - by thefabl
  • What is content marketing - by thefabl

    What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is the art of saying the right thing, in the right way, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time in your own unique style, to encourage sales of your stuff.

  • Vine for brands - by thefabl
  • Mobile usage - by thefabl

    Mobile usage soars

    Everyone has a mobile, don’t they? Well not quite, but not far off. Latest figures suggest that 56 per cent of mobile users own smartphones. They are completely…

  • Boom Bags Skipton

    Customisation is the key

    In our last blog we talked about the Boom Boom Bags – an initiative by the Skipton Girls’ Young Enterprise team. We have been guiding the girls through the world…