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    Things that get my goat!

    Personalize or personalise. I kid you not. I recently received an email from a UK company offering me their “Personalization” service. Being a grumpy old man I put…

  • Brand Awareness? Every Little Helps

    Brand Awareness? Every Little Helps

    Prime Minister Theresa May has used the word ‘Simples’ in the House of Commons. The phrase is the long-standing slogan from Compare The Market’s famous Meerkats campaign and…

  • storytelling

    Eat Our Shorts!

    What’s the story at the fabl this week? Well, there’s a moment of glory for our writers, who have won another 99fiction.net short story competition. The monthly competition comes…

  • The fabl of Pink Balloons PLC

    It had been a year since the girl with the pink balloon found the Storyteller; a year in which sales of pink balloons had soared; a year in…

  • Hensons brochure

    Casual Dining – will you be there?

    If you’re heading to the Casual Dining show this week, then pop by to say hello! Held at the Business Design Centre, London, on 25th and 26th February, this year…

  • Wellocks website

    Launching Wellocks’ website

    We’re delighted to launch the brand new Wellocks’ website this week. If you’ve not come across Wellocks before, it is a leading supplier of high quality, premium fresh…

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  • fabl fab five may - by thefabl

    the fabl’s fab five

    We all talk a lot about the principles behind content marketing. But there is nothing as inspiring as seeing great content – of any kind – in action….